Home Decor To Fall For

Creating looks that last New seasons inspire us to become a little more creative in our home spaces.  With the arrival of fall, the time is ripe to freshen up your living spaces. After all, when the cooler weather hits, we tend to spend more of our days indoors. As you prep for a new…


Remodeling Rebound

Why more homeowners are opting for an operation renovation When Terry and Bruce Steel looked around their beloved home of more than 25 years, they knew it was time for a facelift. The doors and trim needed an update. The flooring was due for a change and the kitchen was stuck in the 1980s. “It…

Белый хлеб в хлебопечке

Taste of the Valley: Breaking Bread

Bringing this staple back to the table Our eating habits are changing. Evening meals are slimming down, with fewer side dishes on the table. One of the first side dishes to be jettisoned was bread. Some of the decline can be due to the growth of gluten-free diets, but since there are gluten free breads,…


The Healthy Habit of Tea

A Healthy Habit Editor’s Note: Yellowstone Valley Woman first brought you the story of Treva Mayo and her background as a professional butler and etiquette consultant in our August/September issue. This is the second part of Treva’s story where she shares a little bit about one of her favorite topics —tea. There aren’t many flavors…


The Tastings Team Digs Into Pie

Raise your fork for these made from scratch delights Pie is a delicious pastry package of celebration.  For family and friends, this is a slice of holiday spirit shared with cheer. Bet you didn’t know that there are plenty of places around town that pride themselves on serving up the best and most fresh desserts…


Book Clubs: Read All About It!

Literary Lovers unite over the pages of a few good books The time may be perfect for a little adventure, an escape from the ordinary, or a way to develop new friendships. How about a little relaxation, a trip to a faraway place or a shot at experiencing something you might not otherwise? You can…


The Secrets Behind a Great Snooze….

An eye-opening look at sleep We all know the symptoms of a lousy night’s sleep – heavy eyelids, a cranky attitude, a lack of motivation, and an inability to focus on everyday tasks.  As you order that second triple-shot latte, maybe it’s time to consider sleep and the impact it has on your life. We…


Returning Home

After World Travels, it’s Back to Billings This home feature brought to you by Jeff Junkert Construction, a builder and company that prides itself on building exceptional homes with a personal touch, attention to detail, and quality craftsmanship. Karla and Jack Mahan lived in some exotic locations over the course of their working careers. From Jakarta, Indonesia,…

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Serving Up the Spirit of the Holidays

Old picture frame gets a whole new look With the holidays near and houses citywide opening their doors to guests and festive affairs, serving ware and trays get pulled out of cabinets and put to good use. Since I knew I would need a way to reduce trips to and from the kitchen, I decided…


Foraging Fall Color

Autumn takes center stage in this one of a kind centerpiece When fall color hits its height, why not bring a little of those rustic hues inside? With some snips and an eye for color and texture, you can forage the wilds around your home in search of the perfect centerpiece gathered straight from nature….


Fashion: Denim For Days!

This fashion staple is getting a facelift Day or night, the love we have for denim is now finding a ramped up place in fashion. You’ll see it on the sidelines of a Saturday morning football game or even strutting its way into finer dining establishments on date night. The fashion staple has become more…


The Perfect Blend in Business

Mom mixes family and business with sweet success While sitting inside Tea City and Cupcakes, I absorbed the atmosphere from my retro red chair perch, while sipping a perfectly brewed, aromatic Earl Grey Creme tea. The owner, Jeanne Bullard, snuggled the youngest granddaughter, Eliza, while the other grandchildren made quick messy work of cupcakes. Jeanne…


Healthy By Design & By Choice

Banding together to keep our community at its best By Sarie Mackay What if it was easy to make the right health choices? Find the best foods, exercise several times a week, quit smoking, get help with depression – if all these were, well, a walk in the park, the world would be far different—and…