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Ales for Trails Tonight, head to Dehler Park for Bikenet’s Annual Ales for Trails event.  Sample over 50 local and regional microbrews along with a selection of wine and non-alcoholic beverages.  Enjoy live music a silent disco and good company.  Hours are 5:00pm to 10:00pm.  Admission is $35. Saturday Live Tomorrow take the kids to Pioneer…


Quick, Healthy & Kid Friendly Snacks!

Tasting Team hits the market, not the drive thru In a matter of weeks, moms from coast to coast will have to fall in love with their date books again. They’ll acclimate themselves to those super scheduled weeks full of school happenings and afterschool activities. With time as a scarce commodity, eating and cooking well…


Start dinner with a Rotisserie Chicken!

Fuss Free Meals thanks to your Deli Counter Rotisserie chicken is the secret weapon of moms everywhere. Combine them with a few simple ingredients and serve the family a healthful, protein-packed meal in minutes. We’ll show you four fabulous, fuss-free ideas—Greek Chicken Salad, Asian Chicken Wraps, Chicken Quesadillas and Chicken-Cheddar Pizza.      


Discovering the Wilds of Yellowstone

women work to explore our oldest national park Those of us lucky enough to live within the shadow of Yellowstone National Park feel the pull which that wild place exerts.  For three women, that draw is exceptionally strong.  Each came to Yellowstone to spend what she thought was a few months or seasons.  Each still…

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Keep It Saucy!

Spice it up & Rub it on when cooking out! Grilling may be one of our connections with our distant ancestors and their meal preparation over an open flame. The ability to flavor their fare was pretty limited to salt, local herbs, native plants and maybe a homemade wine or beer. We, luckily, have much…


Be a Bona-fide Grill Master

Expert advice to help you conquer your ‘cue Few could argue that one of the beauties of summer is firing up the grill and listening to the sounds of a steak being seared to perfection. Or seeing beautifully grown veggies cooked on kabobs, ready to take on the grill’s fire-roasted flavor. If you still haven’t…

FallFashionGFX 2

Layer Up Your Style

YVW’s Fall Fashion Hit List! It’s almost that puzzling time in Montana when we aren’t sure when the first major cold snap will hit or if we will still have a generous supply of glorious short-and-sandal, rocking, sun-filled days ahead.  Never fear. We’ve asked some local fashionistas how we can all stylishly transition from summer…


Yummy Balsamic Pork

Fire up the Grill for Dinner Tonight! This recipe is a tasty dish that incorporates a lot of different flavors that the whole family will love! Enjoy these grilling tips from Annessa Chumbley for Grilled Balsamic Pork Chops with Bacon Wrapped Green Beans and Grilled Peaches. Ingredients 4 boneless pork loin chops, about 3/4 inch…


Ready for a Glamp Out?

Mother & Daughter put a new spin on nature-loving getaways Shari Nault has officially left city living in Billings behind to “camp out” with her daughter, Heidi Martincic.  Nault, however, isn’t roughing it, sleeping on the ground or crawling into a tent. She’s taken up “glamping” instead. What’s glamping? It’s glamorous camping and Shari and…


Sing it, shake it, move it, groove it

Putting creative movement in the classroom We’re all familiar with the so-called three R’s of learning: reading, ‘riting (writing) and ‘rithmetic (arithmetic). But if you ask some early childhood educators, singing a tune and allowing kids to express themselves to the beat of the music truly complements the trusted foundation of learning. Call it a…


Better With Breakfast

Ways to start every day with a healthy beginning Life is better with breakfast. “’Breakfast’ comes from ‘break the fast,’” according to Dr. Virginia Mermel, a Certified Nutrition Specialist. As a Montana Team Nutrition School Wellness Coach, Mermel believes “Regardless of age, all people function better if they refuel in the morning.” She says “Breakfast…


Look What We Found!

Turning vintage dish towels into charming throw pillows As a “junker,” one thing I’ve learned is that estate sales can be literal treasure hunts where beautiful vintage gems can be found. The competition can be fierce, but if you look at some of the items in a different light, you can find a diamond in…


What’s for Dinner? Cedar Plank Salmon Tacos!

Grill this up tonight with some mango salsa! -Recipe from Albertsons Cedar planked salmon is a grilling favorite, but we’re putting a twist on it by making them into these delicious tacos! Enjoy these grilling tips from Annessa Chumbley for Cedar Plank Salmon Tacos with Mango Salsa.   Ingredients 2 Cedar Planks, soaked in water…


Learning From Home

One family proves that educating at home = success From the quiet, lush, still-wide-open prairie of rural Ballantine, 25 miles east of Billings, there lives a modern-day family who could easily be the mirror image of one living 100 years ago. Their faith and values are traditional. They take care of their neighbors without hesitation,…


Bringing Home the Spirit!

Billings gym puts competitive cheer on the Magic City map In an unassuming gym situated off Grand Avenue, you can hear the base thumping and shouts from coaches and kids as you walk up. “One and two and three and four….” can be heard with a military-like cadence. Walk inside and you’ll see kids as…


The Educational Fast Track

Why 2- or 3-year degrees might be a wave of the educational future There’s an educational trend that has been brewing across the nation and it is one that is very alive here in the Yellowstone Valley. It’s one that gives students a deep focus in their field of study. On the average, the cost…


Caring for Parents With Dementia

Billlings’ Woman Writes Book to Share Her Journey With Others Vicki Tapia remembers the day in 2003 that set her on a path as her parents’ caregiver. It was long before she would delve into research on dementia and journal every finding. It was more than a decade before she’d use her notes to pen…

Who is Billings Best Dressed?

See the women who captured the titles! You know you’ve seen that girl around town — the one who always looks like a million bucks and rarely has a hair out of place or an accessory that isn’t a perfect match. For all of 2014, Yellowstone Valley Woman has asked you to share some of…