Leaders Among Women

Fighting stereotypes to serve & protect They use words like “family” and “challenging.” They’ve fought age old stereotypes while driving in combat convoys in Afghanistan. They are members of the Montana Army National Guard, proudly serving their state and country. Those words belong to two women who’ve dedicated themselves to the ‘Guard’, Sgt. Jeri Fowler,…

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Breaking the Fast

Delicious beginnings to kick start your day Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, why not wake with the sun and do yourself a favor to take in the flavors of some of Billings’ best hot spots for breakfast. The Tastings Team hit the town in search of different places that served…


Bake Sale Sensations

Whipping up irresistible sweets with surefire success Back in the day, bake sales were a dime a dozen. It was a “go to” for clubs and teams to raise a little money for elementary schools all the way up through the halls of high school. Over the years, this fundraising staple has fallen into the…


Parenting 9-1-1

How Two Moms Balance Work and Being a Mom Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs on earth. You have a new bundle, one that doesn’t come with a manual. Mix in family life, house priorities, potentially a career, a husband and keeping up with commitments and you have a recipe for mental…


Raising A Bookworm

Battling the decline of kids reading for fun As a small child, I can still remember the sensations while visiting one of my favorite places, the public library. I would walk in and immediately, at eye level, I would see an array of color and a vast ocean of stories just waiting for my imagination…


A Legacy of Learning

One-Room Schoolhouse in Nye keeps on educating Visitors to Nye Elementary School, located at the base of the Beartooth Mountains, are greeted by a few barks from Patrolman Pete, Head of School Security. Despite the gruff bark, the black and white cocker spaniel is more of a greeter, and warms up quickly after teacher Kathy…


Playing Through the Pain

Why  kids’ sporting injuries are on the rise Huntley Project three-sport athlete Tessa Hultgren, 17, never thought she’d be sidelined with an injury. Her dad, Troy, says she’s as tough as they come. After all, she played almost the entire volleyball season on stress fractures in her legs. They hurt, but she never let them stop…