Helping Cancer Patients & Families

P.E.A.K.S. means People Everywhere are Kind and Sharing This group lends its hands and hearts to help cancer patients that are struggling financially while they are in treament.  They raise and donate about $70,000 annually to patients in cancer treatment at St Vincent Hospital, Billings Clinic, Big Horn Basin Regional Cancer Center and St Vincent’s Frontier Cancer…


Tastings: Fermented & Flavorful

Grab a Growler (or two) of these dark brews In the heart of downtown Billings, six breweries spend their days concocting and fermenting flavorful brews. With Oktoberfest upon us, the Tastings Team paid a visit to savor the flavors from four different microbrews right here in the Magic City. Starting at The Garage at Yellowstone…


Fresh & Modern Renovation

Kitchen gets a high impact redesign This home feature is brought to you by Freyenhagen Construction – let Freyenhagen Construction put the pieces together for you! Marilyn and Bill Simmons, owners of Master Lube, enjoy their centrally-located home. They adore their neighborhood. “It’s secluded, yet, in the heart of everything, close to the library and hospitals,”…


Stephanie von Friedeburg: Helping the World’s Technology Tick

Stephanie von Friedeburg has voyaged worldwide. She lived in India and Russia during times of unrest with the sounds of gunfire and tanks moving through the streets. It was a time when residents were urged to stay in their homes and not venture outside. Technology prompted those travels.  Stephanie von Friedeburg is probably responsible for…


Sheri Nicholson Rises Through the Ranks

“There’s no backing down” Sheri Nicholson’s rise through the ranks in the banking industry defies the odds.  This petite, soft-spoken go-getter started as a secretary before claiming the top spot. President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Beartooth Bank on Billings’ west end since January 2013, she’s reached the peak of a four-decade career. Today,…


A Mother’s Journey

The Passion Behind Landon’s Legacy Landon Smith was a young man full of life and his strong arms were always willing to give family, friends, and even strangers a great big hug. Anyone who spent time with him, shared a few laughs thanks to his sarcastic wit, which he used whenever and wherever possible. This…


Old Tire Gets a Stylish Facelift

When you think of a stylish ottoman perfect for all types of weather, an old tire usually doesn’t come to mind. But in my search for one last outdoor project for the year, I found something so versatile that it can be used inside or out and uses that one thing that many of us…


Kim Prill: Mom, Community Leader & Volunteer Extraordinaire

“Sit how you sit” is a quote Kim Prill lives by. Taught to her by her great grandmother Caroline Rosaria Okragly, the four words carry Prill’s belief that “You need to be comfortable in your own skin.” If you look at Kim’s strength to nurture her children and to share a volunteer spirit aimed at…


New Weapons in the Fight against Depression

The Struggle to Survive Dark, overwhelming and heavy doesn’t even begin to describe the depths of despair that seemed to shackle 45-year-old Gretchen Ulrickson for stretches at a time. She would spend days in bed, unable to crawl out to face the world. Depression would settle in and its choke hold on her mood brought…


The Love of Montana Meets Technology

Arrow Solutions Group President Kathy Boelter bridges the high tech gap Kathy Boelter, President of Billings based Arrow Solutions Group found her professional niche at the fork in the road where her love of Montana met the world of technology. Kathy, an outdoor enthusiast, knows that every good hiking trail has obstacles, altitude changes and…


Potions that Heal Naturally

Colleen Kilbane’s Beartooth Butters When Colleen Kilbane first started researching recipes to make her own lip balm, she was looking for any chemical-free, all-natural solution that would heal her chapped lips. As it turned out, she was starting a journey that would provide healing for more than just her lips. Colleen lives in Red Lodge and…


On the Right Path

Students bring American Indian folklore to life in children’s books Violet Birdinground’s daughter is not quite two years old, but Violet has been reading to her since she was born. In a few years, she will be reading on her own and she’ll be able to choose books about her American Indian heritage that her…

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